Why Acquire a Formal Supply Chain Qualification?

This is what you can expect by acquiring a professional supply chain qualification:


Grow your career faster than peers

Qualification and certifications open the door of new career avenues and opportunities to create lasting success. A University of Maryland/DHL study of the industry shows that the demand-to-supply ratio of supply chain jobs to qualified individuals is 6 to 1.

The best companies in the world have the best Supply Chain and employ the best Supply Chain talent. It is not the companies that compete but the supply chains compete. The best supply chain companies provide professional environment and opportunities to prove your capabilities.

Get opportunity to work with best companies

Contribute to the success of Supply Chain

Make a tangible and visible contribution to the success of supply chain of your company. Put an end to day to day firefighting and use professional tools and techniques to manage your supply chain job better. It gives you a sense of achievement  and accelerates your career.

Become a respected member of fraternity of supply chain professionals. Be recognized as a thought leader,  speak the language of supply chain, participate  in the forums and enhance your professional status.

Enhance your professional status

Crack job interviews

Don't get interview calls or reach the final stage of selection? Get a preference over other candidates in the job interviews, as qualification enables you to speak intelligently and convince the prospective employer how you would be able to add value to their business.

Supply Chain and Logistics in India is growing at a CAGR of 10.5% and expected to reach USD 220 Billion by 2020, according to Economic Survey of 2018. The supply chain field is undergoing a dramatic transformation, thanks to disruptive technologies (Machine Learning, IoT, Advanced Analytics, 3d Printing) as well as new operating models. It implies that the past skills and competencies are no longer good enough to manage the current supply chains effectively and efficiently.

This has created a surge in the demand for trained and qualified supply chain professionals in the country. The demand and supply gap for the qualified Supply Chain professionals is widening that would create huge advantage for the people who take the initiative of acquiring a formal certification.

"Supply chain management is getting exponentially more complex, so supply chain talent is the price of admission for the next decade."

 Linda Topping, vice president and chief procurement officer with Colgate-Palmolive Co.

While work experience has its own value but it makes a lot of difference to how your employer perceives your capabilities. They would appreciate that you have invested to upgrade your competencies and willing to give higher responsibilities.

Those in the field of supply chain management should acquire certification early in their career and those who want to move into the supply chain management, certification could be easiest and fastest way to do so.